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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 2, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EST

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we remember our colleague and friend, conservative journalist, new media pioneer andrew brightbart. a frequent guest on this program, passed away early this morning in los angeles, after collapsing while taking a walk near his home. i want to say first and foremost, our thoughts and prayers are with his family during this very difficult time, especially his wife, suzy and his four children. let's take a look at the life and times of our good friend, andrew breitbart. >> everything has change in the last few years. conservatives used to take it and we are not taking it anymore. >> the gig is up. we have figured you out. you are not on the american team. you are on the progressive team. >> has lied every step of the way. the press should be quite
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worried about the fact that truth tellers and journalists are -- are being attacked. >> what a huge loss. for the country and certainly for the conservative movement. there has been a concerted effort to try to portray the tea party as a toxic body of water. and the mainstream media abides by a concerted attack to call those people traitors to their cause. i am going to stand up to those bullies. >> breitbart was outside himself in all of his quests. >> he was also a grateful guy and very thoughtful. >> i don't know why i decided to make my career trying to destroy the institutional left. i thought that would be a fun thing to do and would look good on a resume. >> you want to save the world? >> i do. it is not just me, it's a citizen/journalism revolution. i am trying to be the
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pied-piper. >> andrew was the most fearless guy i ever knew. he loved the fight. >> firelease this photo, i am doing this to save his family, okay? >> he was a compelling, really a compelling person with a great capacity for friendship. >> the media says breitbart lies, breitbart lies. give me one example of a proof of lie. one. >> this is my war cry for 2012. you need to join me in this war against the institutional left. this is not your mother's democratic party. duh! >> joining me now in the studio to show their memories are two people who were very close to him, monica crowley. every tweet that i read today,
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you know, rush's comment, santorum's comments, it is fearless, it's warrior. it's a fighter. principled for family, country, kids. i mean that's the guy we knew itch he was so brave and he was so exuberant. i remember the first time i met him, i spotsed him across the room and to me, he was a rock star. he revolutionized the conservative movement. i spotted him about the same time he saw me. i walked over to give him a proper handshake and he literally scooped me up in a giant bear hug, lifted me off the floor and said, monica crowley! what's up, girl! what's going on! that's who he was. >> last time he was hanging out with me at the d.c. concert. he threw a ball within inches of my head, a bullet right out of my hand and just missedded me. but, look, you were working on a project with him now. he said at c-pac that he had
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tapes that would change this election. and i have had more people ask me, what about the tapes? >> look, there is a set of tapes. we are dwg through it. he attracted fighters. he attracted guys like ben shapiro and larry o'connor, guys who are going through a series of tapes of president obama at harvard. they will be -- we will come back in a week or two and show them here on the "hannity" show. >> one week, we will have the tapes? >> a week to 10 days. this is something, an driewrks we are very systematic about going through these things and what the information is. buts in one, you can see at c-pac, he was fired up. >> you were about to launch a new web site. >> here is the thing. i mean, this guy -- he's a fighter, in a time that we needed fighters, right? he came at a perfect time in the conservative movement. the sean hannity and the governor palins and the
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governorman bachmanns. he attracted fighters. we spent the last two years working on a web site -- >> you were scheduled to launch. >> he left the office, i think at 10:00 last night to have a quick bite to eat before going home. he was working 24 hours a day. >> there are horrible things being said about him. "rolling stone" was one. you were one of his closest friends. he did have a heart issue. >> a year ago,ulary solove. he was in ucla, he went to the hospital a number of days. since we are a private company, thing its don't have to be announced. >> five days. >> he came out with a very specific program. he was on medication. as you know, he dropped weight. he went on a diet. he had a personal trainer. he was there to -- to really get into fighting shape. and you are going to see that, this is a massive heart attack. all the rumors are just nonsense. >> let me show some of the
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moments of andrew. he was introducing governor palin in a madison tea party. roll this tape. >> the tea party has been the most peaceful, law-abiding, clean-up-after-themselves group in the history of american protests. and to be lectured by you in the periphery, who have lied in getting the doctors' notes, have you no right to lecture us on civility. go to hell! no, serious! go to hell! go to hell! you have been so rude. you are trying to divide america. class warfare is not american. >> that was awe andrew. >> andrew saw himself as a truth teller. that's what he saw his job. that's who he was. you know, i was thinking about what i wanted to say about him
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tonight that hasn't been said over the course of the day. i thought, you know, whenever we have had revolutionary technology, the most effective communicators to speak directly to the american people, franklin roosevelt did it with radio in his fireside chat, richard nixon and ronald reagan did it with television, right to the american people. andrew breitbart at the dawn of the internet realized this could be used for good to talk directly to the american people to tell them the truth that the left-wing media would not tell them. >> we are going to talk to liz cheney. but one of his first appearances, he talked about the dangers of president obama apal ising about america in one of his first appearances on haifnlt secretary of state hillary clinton just said that america has a lot -- is to blame to a great extent for the violence that is happening overseas. and it's the left tendence tow
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want to apologize for everything. we are to blame for 9/11. we torblame for the illegal immigration. we are to blame for everything. these people think if they go overseas and apologize for being americans that the rest of the world are going to like us. instead, they realize that we are pushovers and that we are easily targeted because we will give them what they want. >> ironically, the president apal ised and said he calmed things down and more people have been murdered in afghanistan as a result of the koran burning, which we shouldn't have apologized for in my view. >> absolutely. it's the breadth of the topics that andrew took on. he cut right to the heart of a topic. look, andrew breitbart's dead, but his spirited is going to live on. that web site that will be launched on sunday night. >> which one is it? >> it's going to be -- [overlapping dialogue] >> you will see with joe pollack and the team, it is going to be a landing page with a news site.
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but it will be one flies go to and hear the spirit of andrew breitbart. >> all right. quick? >> he made conserveatism hip and cool. >> yeah. he difficulty that's no small thing. >> thank you. we will have much more on andrew breitbart. but this is one thing that is quintessentially andrew. and no remark would be complete without this next clip. new yorkers and news jankies alike, on the edge of their seat, waiting for anthony weener to address a sexting scandal. but andrew wasn't about to have his reputation dragged through the mud while the liberal media buried the congressman's transgression. he forced the congressman's hand and tookest on press conference. >> i am here coincidentally. i just arrived at la guardia
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because of media request. as i got into my hotel -- i am andrew breitbart by the way. we reported this at big government and big journalism. i am here coincidentally. i didn't know they were going to be announcing this. i am in a hotel three blocks away, so i decided to come by and see what he had to say. >> how positive are you? >> specifically? i mean, we are reporting a lot ever things here. such as that at first, we were vindicated at first, after a three-day frenzy of trying to attack my journalism, my web sites on the nature of the initial hack story. everything that we reported was true in that story. we didn't get into conjecture. we didn't name the girl, yet and joan walsh played the role that congressman weiner wanted to try to attacks the
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messenger and she falsely claimed that i had named the girl in seattle. that wasn't true. and also said that i had savaged the girl "savaged" the girl. once it was found that it was gawker, not me. there is no apology from this is all an attempt, the strategy in the first weekend was to fry to say, we attack breitbart and by the time we get to tuesday, it will no longer be to tuesday, it will no longer be there. [ male announcer ] that. right there -- reminds you
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>> now deadly violence has erupted once bean in afghanistan, following the unintentional burning of korans last month by coalition forces. two americans were killed earlier today by an afghan solderer in retaliation to that incident, bringing the number of american dead to six. this tragic news comes one day after the president claimed that has ridiculous apology actually helped to, devote, calm things down. watch this. >> the reason that it was important is the same reason that the commander on the ground, general allen, apologized. that is to save lives. and to make sure our troops who there are right now are not placed in further danger. >> it's hard to tell. dodge it has improved it with that apology? >> it calmed thigs down. we are not out of the woods yet.
12:16 am
>> now, with the news that two or more americans were assassinated on afghan soil, i said it's time for america to start demanding apologies. joining me is liz cheney. do you think the president's comments calmed things down? look, i want to roll video as you are answering this question because you see thousands in the streets. you see more murders taking place. these are afghan soldiers killing americans. and the president's apologizing because extremists were passing notes and desecrating and writing in the koran. >> sean, this is this president's default position, first to apologize for america and secondly to claim out-sized credit for his words. i think this is an accidental act. i certainly would have preferred to have seen the apology come from the folks on the ground. i think having president obama step up here, you know, was
12:17 am
simply, frankly, the latest wrong action in this policy he has undertaken in afghanistan. >> sean: i mae may disagree with you here. the korans were desecrated, according to islamic law. you are not supposed to write in the koran. they were in the library, extremists were passing notes to one another. what were we supposed to do with the korans at that point? >> i think you are right, sean. the point is that if something had happened that was giving offense, then i can understand somebody on the ground, where it happened saying, we are sorry, this was an accident. it looked to me like perhaps these korans were partially burned. i am not sure what an appropriate way to destroy them would have been. i completely agree with you that we should have destroyed them. when have you korans used as a way to pass messages, that's clearly something that we can't stand for. >> sean: where's the sense of proportionality? we have dead american soldiers here. i haven't seen an apology to
12:18 am
america or the families of these soldiers, liz. >> no. it's even worse. if you look at what secretary clinton has said, where, you know, she's used, basically the same language. she says that she condemns in the strongest possible terms what happened here. >> sean: i got that tape. interestingly, she used the same exact words, i will play them back to back. the first is about the koran burning. the second one is about ausad and his own murderers in syria. >> deeply regret the incident that has led to these protests. we are condemning it in the strongest possible terms. but we also believe that the violence must stop. >> we continue to condemn in the strongest possible terms, the absolutely deplorable actions that the syrian government is
12:19 am
taking against its own people. the violence must end immediately. >> sean: thousands killed in that incident. as we show this video, nothing's calmed down. it looks -- >> right irksz the overreaction to this, to me in light of what the truth is, which is that the extremists were passing notes, is amazing that our president and secretary of state would apologize for this. >> you know, i think that the apology that is owed here is an apology by hillary clinton to the men and women of our armed forces. when have you a situation where she is condemning them for what is an accident here with the same language she is using to condemn the butchener damascus, something is seriously awry. i think she clearly owes an apology to everybody in uniform. >> sean: hillary was asked, why do democrats and republicans support israel? this answer got very little coverage. watch this. >> we notice here that most of
12:20 am
the candidates from the both sides, run toward the zionist lobbyists to be in their support. for a common arab citizen, how would you reassure and gain his trust again, given the fact that you are supporting his enemy, as well, at the same time? >> well, first let me say, you will learn as your democracy develops that a lot of things are said in political campaigns that should not bear a lot of attention. there are comments made that certainly don't reflect the united states, don't reflect our foreign policy, don't reflect who we are as a people. >> sean: wait a minute. when we say we support israel, don't listen to that. >> i hope, sean, every voter tonight who is watching your program remembers that. you know, let's assume that secretary clinton was speaking for herself and perhaps her pro-israel statements while she
12:21 am
is on the campaign trail, running for president in 2008, perhaps those were just rhetoric. but when you hear those from many, many americans, myself included, the people running for president this time as republican, we understand the importance of a strong u.s./israeli relationship. it's outrageous that she would use that language. >> sean: i would like to see the administration, mr. president, you say you don't watch cable. i don't believe you. it is time four demand an apology for the death of these american soldiers. liz, things. >> thanks. >> sean: coming up, media mash with bret bozel. but mr. clinton takes on president obama in the keystone pipeline. guess who is caught in the [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar
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>>r. >> sean: now, as much as everyone likes to talk about the rivalry between the g.o.p. candidates, nothing compares to the obamas and the clintons in 2008. yesterday that tension rose yet again to the surface. speaking at an energy sum nit washington, former president bill clinton ripped up team obama's talking points on the keystone pipeline and threw his support behind the controversial project. >> because the extra cost of running it is infinitesimal
12:26 am
compare to the revenues that would be generated over a long period of time. i think we should embrace it and develop a stakeholder-driven system of high standards for doing the work. >> sean: what president clinton didn't know was at that exact same moment, the white house was doubling down on the opposition to the pipeline. >> calls to approve keystone excel right away, again are insulting to the american people because there is no permit to approve. anybody out there who is telling his or her constituents that approval of keystone will somehow lower the price of gas at their local gas station is blowing a lot of smoke. >> sean: now the clash between the former president and the administration did not end there because secretary hillary clinton, while she was also asked to weigh in on her
12:27 am
husband's comments. let's take a look. >> even the former president, bill clinton, says embrace it. and we need to move forward with the keystone excel pipeline. >> he's a very smart man. [laughter] >> but, unfortunately, is not bound by the laws and regulations any longer of the united states to make decisions that follow a certain procedure. >> sean: now, wait a minute. was bill clinton ever bound by laws or regulations? here with reaction, former special counsel to president clinton and one of his chief defenders in the monica lewinsky days. look, i will say it. bill clinton's right. >> i think he's right. but he is talking about facts. he can disagree with president obama on -- >> sean: you can't even say it with a straight face. >> i don't understand the president's position on this pipeline, no matter -- >> sean: you know what -- [overlapping dialogue] >> the race card on me from the
12:28 am
very beginning. >> president clinton is supporting president obomba's re-election, as i am. -- >> sean: they played the race card on me. everybody's talk about this g.o.p. hopefuls fighting. >> to finish my sentence, i am still supporting president obama for re-election. >> sean: of course. let's put us in another $5 trillion in debt. >> you had me until you had the support of obama. i don't think he deserved the support the first time and he has proven to us conclusively that he doesn't deserve to be re-elected. we would be better off with clinton -- either one of them in the white house, and you know that. >> sean: i agree with you -- >> yes! >> sean: they would be far more competent. he is radical, in over his head, he could have moderated his views and he never did it. >> he is missing it. i mean, look, bill clinton is a statesman, he's respected around the world because he was good when it came to the economy and other matters.
12:29 am
there are things -- >> sean: not great. republicans made him do it. >> but nevertheless, didn't he do it? make an adjustment. >> sean: end of welfare as we know it. >> instead of his own arrogance or ideology or whatever his viewpoints were. we see with obama what he is telling us, he has telegraphed, wait until i get a second term. >> sean: here's why obama's blowing t. i think that probably bill clinton is trying to help him in his own way. he is so beholden to radical environmentalist, no nuclear power, no drilling -- >> that's not true -- >> sean: don't give me -- >> nuclear power, he is supporting. >> sean: where is a new nuclear plant? where is it?! >> even senator obama supported nuclear power. >> sean: no nuclear power since he's president. >> that's not his -- >> sean: no drilling. but we have solyndra. >> and algae. >> he is supporting drilling. you are incorrect about
12:30 am
drilling. but i disagree him about the pipeline. he believes it needs more time. i think it is not a factual position. 9 factual position is, you don't increase carbon by letting someone else develop na-- >> sean: wait, wait, wait. he's funding it in brazil -- >> i don't understand. he hasn't articulated the opposition well. >> he doesn't have a clue about energy [overlapping dialogue] >> i am voting for him. >> sean: his secretary of energy once said -- he wants gas prices as high as europe. >> because he thinks we are addicts and they have to give us tough love. they don't -- forget $6, they don't care. $10 a gallon. they are not dealing with the reality that everyday americans that have to put food on the table and gases in the tank. it's arrogant. >> sean: the president said himself, he would prefer we have a gradual increase in gas prices. gas prices have doubled. then he suggested that if we inflate our tires and get
12:31 am
regular tune tuneups -- tuneups, we will save on energy. >> last time i looked, in free market, gasoline went up under president bush -- >> sean: and went down. >> the market is reacting with the fear of iran -- >> sean: art ficialy low supply. >> you want a price control and i am a free market person? >> sean: i want to drill here, drill now. pay less, build nuclear -- >> there is more drilling now than there was 8 years ago -- >> sean: because of private land drilling. they shut down 80 sites where there was going to be drilling. >> that was approved through bush. now we are seeing the rewards of that being reaped. okay? we don't want a president that sits on the sidelines, a do-nothing president who is capitulating to his base to get re-elected. >> sean: if he would listen to bill clinton -- it's too late now. >> kiinterrupt you? >> sean: no! i don't want to hear one more
12:32 am
word from you. >> my final comment is, the economy is coming back. the stock market cracked 13,000. every time there is good economic news, you guy it's,r. >> sean: who are "you guys"? both of us? >> this lady and this gentleman. >> sean: you are so stepping in it. dig a hole and bury yourself. >> are you upset -- >> sean: apom -- pol is to her. >> good news is good news. even when it's a democratic president. you should be cell brairting the economy bouncing back -- >> sean: i will celebrate when he is fired. we expose media bias. the most outrageous examples of the media mash, coming up ♪ i'm making my money do more. i'm consolidating my assets. i'm not paying hidden fees or high commissions. i'm making the most of my money. and seven-dollar trades are just the start.
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>> time for media mash and back to go through the material we have, the president of the media research center, brother brent bozel. how are you? >> sean, how are you? >> sean: all right. let's start with, did you know there was such a thing as christian churria law? >> it's what rick santorum spouses every time he opens his mouth. >> sean: exactly! >> to my point of the establishment, charles, are they thinking -- maybe rick santorum can win? >> no. maybe they think. it but no one else thinks it. rick santorum scares the bege-- bejesus. >> remember when they were warning about shirria law? it sound like santorum is creeping up on a version of it.
12:38 am
>> sean: that's hilarious. women in saudi arabia can't drive or be seen in public with men they are not related. to we know what happens to women in iran. all you should their version of the law. >> isn't it extraordinary, sean, just how easily these words come to reporters? how easily they can say these things about a conservative like rick santorum? just imagine them saying that barack obama, comparing him to a radical muslim bike rick santorum. think about them saying that barack obama scares the bejesus out of people. if they were to say that, someone would suggest they be brought up on hate crimes. but they can say that freely about a conservative. >> >> sean: but they do very strong preponderances about president obama because he has this unique ability to give people a thrill up and down their leg and their entire body. >> romney can't do what that guy
12:39 am
just did. that's really important. he can't turn people on after he wins or he loses. i think he lacks passion i think that's a real loss. barack obama can do both. he has a brain and he has a heart. he can cause a thrill in the american people because he has both. >> sean: brain, heart, thrill. conservatives, dumb, stupid and, you know, basically boring. >> right. he causes a thrill with the american people. there is only one problem, if you look at the polls, you find that strongly approve is 26%, strongly disapprove is 42%, that's a negative 16. maybe it's because that brain has given us the worst economic record in the last 50 years and that heart of his is forcing mandates on people who don't want t. chris matthews, as usual, this has backwards. >> sean: all right. liberal journalists have this
12:40 am
habit every four years of really being upset that the republican party -- and they are looking out for the country's interest here, but the republican party is ultra-conservative and way too far to the right. you never hear that about ultra-liberallies. it never happens. nancy pelosi praised occupy wall street. but listen to journalists, out of sincerity of their heart, telling conservatives that, no, no, no, you guy guess way too far to the right. >> perhaps the political environment is changing as consumer confidence improves. but nevertheless, the shift to the right in rhetoric would be hurting in the middle. >> do you think rick santorum and -- well, the candidates in general are pushing your party too far to the right to make the nomination worth anything when you -- when you get to november? >> let me go to the question of what is being debated there. it seems more about social issues than economic issues. is that troubling for you and
12:41 am
the republican party? >> it is not troubling for me and i think that's more about the media and the democrats trying to move it in that direction. >> sean: do you think that's their agenda? you would think that rick santorum never talked about foreign policy or economic policy and spent all of his time talking about contraception? they valid you believe that. >> sean, it's such a broken record from the same crowd crowd. these are the same people who said that ronald reagan could never be elected because he was too conservative. he's these are the same people who said in 2000 george bush couldn't be elected because he was acom -- acom kamakazi conservative. bob sheafer said that the republicans were headed for a monumental defeat in 2010 because they were too conservative. they are wrong every single time. then they say, the solution is,
12:42 am
john mccain, who you see how far that got us. >> they have advice here, abc and nbc, when olympia snow said she wasn't going to run, she was the voice of reason and moderation in the g.o.p. actually, she was the most liberal in the g.o.p. here's what they said. >> the principled voice of reason and some of the most contentious debates in washington, republican senator olympia snow of maine has announced she will not seek re-election. and she says, she's tired of the gridlock in washington in 33 years in congress. >> it leaves here as a north eastern moderate republican out in the cold and not really welcome in this republican party that is starting to build off of that momentum from 2010. >> sean: you can't tell they have an agenda or they want to define the republican party and advance the ever so moderate president barack obama? >> the american conservative union just came out with their
12:43 am
ratings. she has the lowest life-time conservative record of any republican and in diane sawyer's book, that makes her the principled voice of reason. >> sean: always appreciate you being here. let not your heart be troubled. our great, great, great, great american panel is
12:44 am
12:45 am
12:46 am
12:47 am
>> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel, down shown is here. he is the director of the law fair, the war against free speech, brooke goldstein. and the co-host of the five, the 1 and only, eric bolling. have you to deal with beckle five days a week. >> five day, sean. >> sean: the show's awesome. breakout hit in cable. >> we fight a lot. but like brothers. but when we walk outside and you pick a fight with your brother, you got his back. >> sean: i just had dinner with
12:48 am
him. he had me in tears. he tells great stories. nancy pelosi, panel of students. college students are going broke. the reason they are going broke is because contraception is so expensive. so it's up to you, the taxpayer, not having the sex, to pay for the college students' contraception, which the student is costing $3,000 a year. roll the tape. >> without insurance, contraception can cost a woman over $3,000 throughout law school. that's practically an entire summer's salary. 40% of the female students at georgetown law reported to us that they struggled financially, as a result of this policy. >> it cost a woman over $3,000 -- what? >> they ought to be here to make sure that people can get affordable contraception. >> when was the last time you
12:49 am
went to a drugstore? >> earlier today. >> sean: did you notice, they have this big section -- birth control? >> vinoticed. >> sean: you have? >> planned parenthood is accessible -- >> sean: what does planned parenthood -- don't we pay for that? >> federal subsidies -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: what do you pay for condoms at planned parenthood? >> nothing! >> sean: nothing! >> sean: how much sex do you have to have for $3,000 a year? >> probably a lot. >> three a day, by my count. >> sean: only eric bolling could figure that out. >> we need to have birth control available so that people are able -- >> sean: listen, you want birth control i. i do! >> sean: fine. you and all your liberal friends, put a birth control pot and put your mon neand give it to all the students you want. the taxpayers, whose homes are underwater, let's not force them
12:50 am
to pay for it. >> if we all get together, universities, individuals and government to provide contraception, 98% of american women use it -- >> but we already do. the majority of the states do provide it. >> good news. >> only five states do not have an exception for religious institutions. so what that shows the majority of the country is against a mandate that forces religious institutions to provide birth control. look, would we even be having this debate if not for obamacare? this panel is not credible testimony, the consequence of federal government -- >> sean: can we go over this again. without slrns coverage, contraception can cost a woman $3,000 during law school. >> right. >> sean: eric, you seem ton the price of contraception pretty well. >> well, sean... you can imagine if she went to journalism school not med school? >> sean: oh, gee. >> is at this time money,
12:51 am
though? >> sean: yes! they want our money. >> or is the mandate? for me, it's telling catholic university, telling notre dame that they have to provide contraception -- >> sean: i agree with you. but wait a minute. >> this is more aggravating than the fact that weigh are going to pick up the tab for the girl who does what she does. >> sean: why do we have to pay for this? >> because obama tells us. >> sean: we have to give day care. health care, we got day care. if somebody wants a job, they need transportation to work, we have to give them housing and clothes on $back. >> there are people in america who require assistance. it is not enough to say -- it's the same argument about providing health care for people who couldn't afford health care. you can walk into any emergency room in america and a doctor cannot say i am not going to treat you. you can get health care. i'm against mandates. >> sean: we have a mandate. what if they don't know how it
12:52 am
put a condom on properly? are we going to have a government inspector? >> now are you talking, sean. >> sean: we have four-year-olds getting their lunches inspected. >> you are laughing. >> it's just -- >> sean: that's how insane this is. >> we provide contraception. we fund planned parenthood. >> all good news. >> what's the debate here? >> sean: i am going to make water balloons. more with our great american panel, the employee of the month isss... the new spark card from capital one. spark miles gives me the most rewards of any small business credit card. the spark card earns double miles... so we really had to up our game. with spark, the boss earns double miles on every rchase, every day. that's setting the bar pretty high. owning my own business has never been more rewarding. coming through! [ male announcer ] introducing spark the small business credit cards from capital one. get more by choosing unlimited double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. what's in your wallet?
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stapes. that was easy.
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>> interesting numbers come out, dealing with the enthusiasm of voters. in you look in 2012, the enthusiasm gap, you have g.o.p. voters in 2012, fifty three, in 2008, 54. interestingly, it is now 45 for the president. in other words, mccain's number in 2008. big indicator? >> it's a slight difference. to me, equally important is that romney's negative has gone and you want gap between obama and romney has been 7 or 8 points in obama's direction. this is going to be a very close election. but to say there is an enthusiasm gap for the republicans is overstating the case -- >> sean: if you read it. >> i don't necessarily agree
12:57 am
with the numbers, but i hope they are true f. they are, it's great news for the republican party and american democracy. i was really, really discouraged with what happened in nevada. a mormon state, you know, less republicans turned out then to vote for romney than in 2008. it was horribly anemic. that's a battleground state. what do you think, eric? >> your viewers may not know me, but i am very conservative -- >> sean: they know you. >> some do. some don't. we are having a hard time getting behind romney now. but i'll tell you, come -- if it is romney -- come august 27, after the convention -- >> sean: romney and rubio. >> romney/rube scbroa $5 for gasoline, in the middle of summer. guess what is coming up in front of the supreme court in the summer -- obamacare. the enthusiasm will be there for the g.o.p. nominee. >> it's negatives skyrocketing. he puts his foot in his mouth, every day. >> sean: so does obama.
12:58 am
look at the mistakes of just the last two weeks. >> obama has a narrative -- [overlapping dialogue] >> it doesn't matter how enthusiastic the republicans are now, they will vote for republicans. the question is, who are the independents enthusiastic about? a stat measured how many people gave thought to who the next president is going to be. 70% of republicans had given it thought and only 50% of democrats had thought about the next election. >> do they take as a given that barack obama is going to win? i don't like barack obama. but he has a narrative -- a -- [overlapping dialogue] >> it's appealing. >> sean: the difference is, i will throw this to eric. now he has a record. and that record is horrific. right? >> it's going to be north of 8%, his entire term, unemployment and gasoline will be $4 or $5 a gallon. carecrare is one of the most dislike things in d.c -- helllll
12:59 am
have a hard time beating our stage manager or this football this. football would beat obam amount of eric, why has he been moving up? >> because there is no republican candidate yet [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: reagan didn't pass carter until september. >> i remember. >> sean: i think it is a bigger blowout than you think. everything that eric said about gas prices and the debt and the deficit. obamacare. it's all cumulative -- apologies. >> you don't think rom no's flip -flops are going to be -- i'm going to close gitmo, i am going to cut the debt in half. >> i can see that there are real negatives. >> sean: we are going on get out. >> i have to give you this hat. >> sean: awesome. >> i have been here 16 years, i don't have a "hannity" hat. i will wear this proudly. "the five" break-out cable


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